Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Just Civic Dutied All Over City Hall!

And while Eiffel was originally Team Laura....
She finally came around....
So....have YOU voted yet????

Head up there tomorrow..... no wait, tomorrow's gonna suck and it'll be cold and rainy. Head up there Saturday! If it's like it was today, there'll be no lines, sunny skies, and you might even get to meet School Board candidate, Rachel Chumney, and her husband. Early voting's pretty rad, y'all....


  1. So why should I vote for Rachel Chumney?

    1. Eh, she has cute hair and voted for Mitt Romney last election. That's what I left with.

      I'm ashamed, I did not study up on the RISD race at all, so best I could do was NOT vote for her opponent Lanet Greenhaw (who I've always liked).