Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yo! Lisa Dunn and I just solved everything.....

We're like Richardson's own Cagney and Lacey....

So, here's the deal, no more mudsling, k? 
From now on we're only gonna talk about curing cancer.

(Back story: this was a thread on the Richardson Politics facebook group, which if you're not a member, go join NOW! Anyway, it was something about picking a city CEO, then it turned into a whole lot of football analogies, then it ended least until someone pokes the bear again.)

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  1. I really like reviews of history, now. They weren't so much fun in school though. Although it probably was not your intent, you nail a current problem with the council. Her hubby along with the rest of the council listened to the HOA presidents and some messages they get from others and considered the direct election of mayor lacking as a "top concern" of the council. Well, the 3-1 vote makes it seem the council were focused more on what the coalition and their supporters wanted more than what the clear majority of Richardson voters wanted. It was so much of a concern in previous council elections that the voter made their choices, to some degree, based who the candidate was going to select for mayor.

    It would be nice to see things get back to issues, but I think that is the reason the Richardosn Coalition and their supporters want to make the a=ttack on Amir, because they have nothing of substance on the issues.

    I would be interested if in Lisa's quest for the truth, she sat down with Amir and asked him directly about some of the truth she was on a quest for. Maybe you can ask her about that Destiny.

    Thanks for standing up to her Destiny and bringing her back around to the points that really matter.

  2. Dunn can piece together a coherent sentence? Who knew?

  3. Does she like to pick a fight, or what!

  4. I am wondering why you and dc-tm have not been advocating for single member districts in Richardson. According to much of what i read in your blogs, there is a an anti-canyon creek theme. If canyon creek swings elections, then maybe single member districts are the answer? I do not support this idea, but am wondering what your thoughts are on it.